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Dr. Debasish Naskar

Consultant Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy & Orthopaedic Trauma

Dr.  Debasish Naskar is an orthopaedic surgeon. He is an Expert in Joint replacement, Arthroscopic and Sports injury, Complex fracture and trauma,Ilizarov surgery for open fracture and deformity correction of malunited fracture, Spinal surgery, paediatric orthopaedic problems.

Dr. Naskar has completed his MBBS and MS(Orthopaedics)  prestigious WBUHS. He has done international observership for JOINT REPLACEMENT and Arthroscopy in hip, knee, ankle and foot surgery division at NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, SINGAPORE. 

Arthroscopy (key hole microsurgery)

Joint replacement.
Orthpaedic Trauma surgeries.
Spinal Surgeries.
Ilizarov surgery.
Hand surgeries .
Ankle foot Surgeries. Etc.


  • Arthroscopy and sports injury surgery for
    ACL ligament tear knee.
    Meniscal injury knee.
    PCL ligament tear.
    Posterolateral corner injury.
    Arthroscopy assisted fracture fixation.
    Foreign body removal.
    Loose body removal.
    Chondral injury

Arthroscopy and sports injury Shoulder

Reccurent / habitual dislocation.
Bankart surgery.
SLAP Lesion.
Frozen shoulder.
Adhesiolysis. Etc.

Joint Replacement

Total Hip replacement(Cemented/cement-less/Hybrid/revisi0n)
Hemiarthroplasty Hip(Fixed bipolar)
Modular bipolar (cemented / cementless)
Total knee replacement.
Shoulder joint replacement.
Radial head replacement. Etc.

Orthopaedic Surgeries

Open fractures  & Accidental injuries.
Fracture surgeries.
Soft tissue surgeries of upper and lower limb.
Deformity correction of limbs.

Spinal surgery

Operation for
Spinal injuries.
Spondylolishtesis. Etc.

Ilizarov Technique

Open fractures.
Deformity correction of upper and lower limb.
Limb lengthening.

Hand surgeries

Trigger finger.
Carpal tunnel syndrome.
De Quervans disease.
Tumors arising from soft tissues and bones.
Tendon ruptures.
Tendon repair.
Tendon grafting.
Tendon transfer.
Claw hand correction.
Scaphoid surgeries.
Degloving and machinery injury of hand.
Fractures and dislocation of hand.
Distal radius fractures.
Old hand and wrist deformities. Etc.

Ankle foot surgery

Bimalleolar features.
Pilon fractures.
Syndesmotic injury.
Talus and Calceneum fracture.
Metatarsal fractures.
Lisfranc injuries.
Ankle arthrodesis.
Ankle sprain. Etc.