Arthroscopy (Key Hole Microsurgery) -Arthroscopy and sports injury
Shoulder. Surgery for Reccurent / habitual dislocation. Bankart surgery. SLAP Lesion.
Remplissage. Frozen shoulder. Adhesiolysis . Etc.

Arthroscopic Surgery

1) Hip Arthroscopy
2) Key hole surgery for disorders of the knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle
3) Trauma and Fracture surgery
4) High quality Swiss ‘AO’ systems help stabilize fractures
5) Image intensifier, confirms perfect fracture fixations
6) Ilizarov and External Fixation Device
7) Management of open fractures
8) Infected non-union of long bones
9) Limb lengthening
10) Correction of deformities
11) Fusion of joints
12) Meniscal Repair